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SkinPen Microneedling Carrollton

SkinPen Precision is the leading FDA approved microneedling device. SkinPen works by creating temporary microscopic channels in your skin. SkinPen microneedling will stimulate your body's natural collagen production and naturally give your skin a fuller, smoother appearance.


*See intended use, important safety information, and clinical trial details at Photos: Cathy A Presnick, Lic. Aesthetician, A Perfect Complexion, LLC

  • Rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin.

  • Results are natural and safe for all skin tones and types.

  • Jump starts new collagen without heat or chemicals.

  • Quick and easy with little to no downtime.

  • Improves appearance of acne and other scars.

  • Improves appearance of fine wrinkles.

  • Safe and effective treatment.

What should I expect during a SkinPen Microneedling treatment?

  • Dr. Casey will discuss your skin goals and how microneedling can improve your skin.

  • Specially formulated topical anesthetic cream will be applied to face/treatment area.

  • SkinPen procedure will take 20-30 minutes.

  • Apply provided soothing hydration gel for the next 24-48 hours as needed and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Results are noticeable in the following 1-2 weeks after treatment. Repeat treatments can be done every 3-6 months. 

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